Thursday, April 29, 2010

If It's Thursday, It Must Be Music Group

Lucky Mom took a half day off to join Karen and the boys at Surrey Place for the weekly music group (I'd planned to attend but as per usual, Thursdays have suddenly turned into the most demanding day of the week in live television...). Between songs, Carter and Nathaniel created their own entertainment...

Gated Community


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Saturday In The Park


Dining At The 'Dew...

After a tour of the neighbourhood (which brought many an admiring glance from their ever-adoring public), the boys joined Mom, Dad, and Jackie for an early dinner at The Foggy Dew, which they'd previously experienced from the cramped confines of their stroller.

This time, they were right up front with us, and enjoyed sampling a bit of their folks' refined tastes (for Dad, it was lobster-and-brie macaroni and cheese, for Mom: duck confit poutine!) and hummed along to the retro tunes...



Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nothing Comes Between Me And My Soother!

2010 Hearing Test

Hard to believe that it was a full year ago that Nathaniel underwent his first hearing test at Surrey Place. It was time to followup, so tonight, Dad and Nathaniel took a road trip through the expected miserable crosstown traffic to once again meet with the ever-friendly Jill in Audiology.

Unlike the last test, which required that Nathaniel fall asleep to measure his response to specific audio tones, this time around, he could play. He didn't exactly respond well to the headphones necessary for the test, but I was able to distract him with some of the cool toys at our disposal. After about a half hour, the test was done, and we were informed that he did very well indeed.

Given his top-of-the-lungs performance during the drive to-and-from Surrey, there's no doubt he's picking up lots of stimulation from the world around him...

Back home at a civilized hour, he enjoyed a snack and then a bath. Now that's a full day...