Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Birthday, Karren

Some people don't make a big deal out of their birthdays--like Karren, for example, who never mentioned it approaching. But in the age of Facebook, it's near-impossible to keep a secret, as Lidia found out while casually browsing. So today, the day, the boys handed over a well-deserved card and gift and hopefully, gave her an easy afternoon, just in time for an extended long weekend...get some rest, Karren!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nathaniel's Big Day At North York General

Today we had to leave Carter behind (much to his protests--see photo) as Mom, Pops, and Nathaniel braved hellish cross-town traffic to North York General Hospital, where our little trooper would undergo tubes surgery under the sure hand of Dr. Smitheringgale.

After Mom toiled through the requisite mountain of paperwork, Nathaniel and I roamed the halls of this very posh and modern facility, with Upsy-Daisy in tow. Before long, Nathaniel would have to change into hospital scrubs (and look ten times more adorable as a result) and hole up in the Day Surgery waiting lounge.

Despite the presence of Playstation and Nintento Systems (and a monitor broadcasting Treehouse TV), Nathaniel idled away the hours with his new friend Jonathon, a 15-month old who developed an immediate chemistry and brought along a ball for good measure. As Nathaniel grew hungry (no food after the previous midnight!), he soon fell asleep, just as Dr. S and the anesthesiologist Dr. Lee came knocking.

Nathaniel was scooted down the hall, given his knock-out drops, and the tubes procedure was over-and-done with in less than ten minutes. I've stood in longer lineups at Tim Horton's! He woke to Mom's presence (only one parent allowed), changed into his cool street clothes (I'll miss the cute robe, though), and soon, we were on our way back home, just in time for lunch.

Nathaniel will have to endure dual-daily-doses of ear drops for about a week but he's already on-the-mend and will likely retain no memory of the experience. But I'll bet he remembers kicking the ball with Jonathon...who gave him a big hug good-bye...

Saturday, June 25, 2011

June Pembroke Visit: Last Day

"Don't You Do That!"

It seems that with every visit up north, Nathaniel makes a breakthrough: this week, seemingly without effort, Nathaniel picked up on the expression "don't do that!" and has been repeating it letter-perfect ever since. His word count has now surpassed a dozen at Kathy's count, and now, he's picking up entire sentences. After his operation scheduled for next week, who knows how high he'll score next?