Thursday, February 23, 2012

From Paul to Maul

It's amazing enough to consider that within mere days of moving on from his year-long obsession with "The Beatles" and "The Imagination Movers", Carter has already embraced "Star Wars" with the enthusiasm that I did when I was nearly FOUR times his age! A true iconoclast, though, Carter hasn't gone for the optimism of Luke, the cynicism of Han, or the grace of Obi-Wan--rather, he's fallen completely for the short-live Episode One villain "Darth Maul", a character whose original design was so frightening that George Lucas himself briefly considered NOT using in the film. Well, Carter is memorizing his light sabre and fight moves, and even sleeps with him. And with the reissue of the first chapter in 3D, new apps are available for the iPhone, including "Darth Maul Me", which can turn anyone into everyone's favorite Dathomirian Sith Lord, even Nathaniel, Pops, and Maggie...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Carter's Favorite Commercial

(although probably more than the "Star Wars" bit at  the end, even though he is slowly memorizing the James Brown song)...

Sunday, February 5, 2012

House Party

With the location of my new workplace, my busier schedule, and the struggle with winter weather, my lunch breaks aren't as regular or as reliable as they used to be. But whenever I do find the chance to make it home, it's not uncommon to find my humble abode overrun by rampaging toddlers, and some of them my own! The boys had a fun time hosting some new friends and regulars...I somehow managed to wolf down some food and slip out before things got really out of control...

Registration For School--Already!?

My goodness--where did the time go? Already, today, Lidia and I met Angela, the principal of Garrison Creek Public School, and the two teachers who will be overseeing the boys' Junior Kindergarten class when they start attending the first all-day roll out next September. We were also given a tour of their awesome classroom, only seconds and a few doors away from Shelly's familiar drop-in, which was the former gymnasium of the school and comes complete with many play stations, a screening area, a mini-library, and stage (which Carter has already explored). We filled out the paperwork, signed on the dotted line, and it was official--Carter and Nathaniel are officially enrolled, together as they should be, and will be joining many of their friends for a brave new world.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy 38 Months, Boyos!

38 months and already registered for school in the fall--where did the time go...?