Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wagons East, West...Wherever

Grandma and Grandpa left the boys with a mighty fine gift last long weekend: their first-ever wagon, and the timing couldn't have been more perfect, with Carter having recently become quite taken with the model available at Shelly's drop-in. After some challenging assembly it came together and sure is a beaut. We took it for a stroll when the boys awoke from their Saturday morning nap and judging from their reactions, I doubt we'll ever be able to get them into the stroller again...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Naps On The Run...

Book Club!

Their Mom and Dad are hopeless bookworms--so it comes as no surprise that Carter and Nathaniel love to flip through a variety of tomes. Who says print is dead? One day the boys will be getting their homework on an iPad I'm sure, but until then, here's to ink-stained hands and chewing paper!

Carter's First Official "Boo Boo"

Not quite on the scale of walking and talking, but today marked a breakthrough of sorts for the parents of any rambunctious youngster: Carter's energetic roaming+new shorts+concrete=his first-ever scraped knee.

According to Karen, he didn't even notice and kept right on playing, which was a relief to hear, because with a house full of boys there are no doubt countless more of these in our future, and it's not even summer!