Friday, July 22, 2011

July Pembroke Visit: Day Six (Pt. 1)

Our last day in Pembroke sent us off in style--Nanny's residence hosted a day long party for anyone-and-everyone and the boys were more than eager to take advantage of the spectacle. Some fine free food, an assortment of animals, and lots of room to roam--we'll not see Nanny again until late fall but our last day together until then was definitely a memorable one. How could it have been possibly better? Pops could've won the trip to the Calgary Stampede...

July Pembroke Visit: Day Six (Pt. 2)

July Pembroke Visit: Day Six (Pt. 3)

July Pembroke Visit: Day Six (Pt. 4)

Oh no---the cool balloons got away! And the new park is closed! What nonsense is this?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

July Pembroke Visit: Day Five

Another day of record hot temps--here, there, and everywhere, it would seem--had us staying close to the homestead and the AC unit, cool pavement, and of course, the ever-reliable wading pools (even the rabbits were struggling for shade--and they can burrow into the ground!). Unfortunately, the new playground--built on the grounds of Pops' old public school--was locked up for renovations, even though Carter and Nathaniel had just played there days before. Still, thanks to electronics and Grandma and Grandpa's inexhaustible mountain of toys, the boyos found plenty to keep them busy, and were more than happy to enjoy another visit with Nanny...