Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day: Pt. 3

As we neared the homestead, we became aware that it was approaching the boys' dinner hour. So why not take a detour to our once-favorite haunt and enjoy a proper Canada Day feast? The patio at The Foggy Dew was jammed packed with the usual neighbourhood drunks and nicotine addicts but inside it was barren. We took a spot in back and the boys enjoyed some complimentary crayons and sports cards and Pops couldn't resist the chance to etch out a commemorative doodle. A musician was playing and Carter was thrilled that he played Ringo Starr's "A Little Help From My Friends" from "Sgt. Pepper". Carter and Nathaniel chowed down on chicken fingers--proper closure to a grand day out and then off to bed...

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