Sunday, July 17, 2011

July Pembroke Visit: Day One (Pt. 2)

Within hours of arriving at Grandma and Grandpa's house, shortly after dinner, Pembroke was suddenly struck with a power outage that lasted several hours. Grandma got the call--from the police department, no less--requesting that she open Fellowes High School--due to a major fire that broke out at an apartment complex on nearby Noik Drive--as temporary shelter for the distressed occupants. Pops tagged along so she wouldn't be alone and witnessed quite a spectacle: for nearly two hours, firefighters--most of them volunteer--blasted the top floor fire with water cannons. Only a few of the occupants needed Grandma's services, but they were grateful nonetheless. After two hours or so, we got the clear to lock up and go home, but it would take the firefighters nearly ten hours to extinguish the blaze. All this from a single lightning bolt that struck someone's computer. It could happen to any of us--scary indeed. The boys were out by the time we got back, but thankfully, the power had resumed...

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