Monday, July 11, 2011

Nathaniel's Expanding Vocabulary

A visit from speech therapist Kathy last week was a successful one--well, mostly, if you exclude the tantrum over the musical school bus--and she I calculated that Nathaniel now knows about 12-15 words and is working hard at others. Tonight, he surprised us by uttering a crystal-clear "banana" while playing with the Big Monkey Puppet--"banana" was Carter's first word, not all that long ago. The simian's favorite snack joins "Mama, "Dada", "bubba", "cheetah", "puma", "meow", "Carter", "yellow", "one", "two", "Superman", the recent "Yoda", and of course, "go to the window!" (from The Beatles' "Help!", which he and his brother have seen dozens of times and "don't do that!" (which he picked up within minutes from Grandma and Grandpa). He's also getting very good at "get outta town", which we predict he'll perfect by the end of next week's second Pembroke visit. Clips to come!

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