Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day 2011

Father's Day 2011--my third as a proud poppa, btw--began wonderfully with Carter and Nathaniel charging into the room to get my lazy butt out of bed (cut me some slack, oh my brothers--I was up past 2 am drawing which will eventually produce a substantial amount of money which I will more or less just hand over to the boys). Nathaniel brought the card, Carter brought the gift--which was a bit heavy: a cellphone holder, just the thing for my desk at work, where my iPhone gets a lot of play.

Sadly, the boys and I were separated for the remainder of the day--due to the overwhelming amount of work I still had to complete before the Big Trip.

It also cost the boys a chance to call Grandpa and wish him a Happy Father's Day, too. Oh well, in less than 24 hours we'll be on our way along Ottawa Valley blacktop and we'll more than make up for it with a full week of fun and frolic in Pembroke...

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