Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bottomless Box O' Beatles

So what's in the box? The McFarlane Limited Series' Beatles figures based upon the 1960s cartoon series--that's what. Pops skipped purchasing the set when it was first released a few years back, having been hosed into overpaying for the "Yellow Submarine" figures, which could be found in the remainder bin at Zellers. Of course, this series became an instant collectors' item, and scoring a set at a decent price has been well-nigh impossible. Well, Pops managed to win an eBay auction for a change and within a week, a pristine, unopened box arrived, offering plastic versions of the Fab Four to the delight of Carter and Nathaniel circa 1964, the year he was born. I still don't understand what the plastic alligator is for, though...

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