Monday, February 8, 2010

Those Old Familiar Places

Seems like we've been to Sick Kids Hospital so often lately I think it's about time we were granted our own special reserved parking spot.
This afternoon, Nathaniel had an appointment to followup on his kidney exam from last November, which had us frantically ping-ponging across various levels until the whole thing eventually worked its way out.

Our little man was the no-fuss, free-spirited trooper as ever, as he suffered through bloodwork with nary a whimper, a looooong second ultrasound with some much understood discomfort (that gel is cold), and a final checkup with the very friendly Nephrology doc, who blew some bubbles to make the ordeal a bit more fun as it entered its third hour.
Thankfully, the results show that everything is looking a-okay--a few minor concerns have been red-flagged but we'll just have to closely monitor them as the years roll along. Soon enough, Nathaniel was back home for a long-overdue snack and a nap...

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