Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Boys' First Story! (98 3/4% Approved)

The boys now have their first story, and it's a classic: Dr. Seuss' Oh, Baby, The Places You'll Go. It's a variation on Oh The Places You'll Go, of course, adapted by Tish Rabe, to be read in utero! Perfectly-timed, too, since at this point--23 weeks--BabyCentre informs us that the boyos are beginning to discern sounds, although I'm sure my vocal stylings sound more like Charlie Brown's parents than Morgan Freeman.

I wasn't familiar with this one--by the time the original was published in 1990 (Dr. Seuss' last, too), I was well out of its intended demographic, although I loved almost all of Mr. Geisel's 50s and 60s classics as a youngster--who of us of a certain age didn't thrill to the annual broadcasts of How The Grinch Stole Christmas or Horton Hears A Who? Places is every bit as timeless and wonderful, and I'm glad to have discovered it, even if I didn't have children on the way!

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