Friday, September 26, 2008

Class 2: The Grand Tour

Tonight's class began with a tour of Mt. Sinai--specifically, the 7th and 10th floors where it's all gonna go down come December. Nadia also suggested that I scope out the area around the hospital and find the best spots to dump the car in event of an emergency.

Triage is on the 7th, post-partum on the 10th (where our classes are being held). Wheelchairs are available at the Murray Street entrance. And there's a Tim Horton's in the hospital--somewhere.

On D(delivery)-Day, we can expect a shortage of private rooms, no matter what we're willing to pay, so it's going to be a bit of a luck of the draw--and I'm confident to realize that I certainly haven't used up all of my luck on lotto winnings, so fingers-crossed. Semi-privates are in steady supply, but I'm such a misanthrope that I can't even stand to have strangers near me in a movie lineup--how the hell will I ever cope with someone else's crying brat and boorish relatives in the same room?

I also learned what a doula is, and that we can't afford it.

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