Thursday, July 2, 2009

Canada Day At Trinity Bellwoods

Our first Canada Day spent in Toronto in years, and of course, there were no celebratory festivities on our nation's 142nd, thanks to the city-wide strike (thanks for nothing, you pampered, overpaid morons), and we fully expected to find our beloved local park a festering dump.

To our amazement, someone's been picking it up and changing the trash bins! So the boys got a decent stroll amidst panting mutts and whirling frisbees, checked out the new playground that will become one of their key destinations soon enough, and even got to frolic on the grass all Walt Whitman-like.

Carter and Nathaniel eventually passed out--but at least it was from exhaustion and overstimulation, as opposed to what some of the other neighbourhoods are dealing with...

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