Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Prelude To The Big Day

It's gonna be a short night and even shorter entry: tomorrow is the date of Nathaniel's long-planned corrective surgery at Sick Kids Hospital. It's what we're assured is a "routine" procedure--a standard fix of something we're told is common in twin boys and was discovered in passing by Dr. P during the boys' first appointment last January, when they were all of a month old. I'll spare you the details and a link--suffice to say it involves Nathaniel's "plumbing" and is known in official medical lingo as a "chordee correction" (a downward curvature) and an "orchiopexy" to drop an undescended testicle. Something best taken care of early we're told, as the condition could lead to problems as he matures if ignored.

The appointment is at 8 AM sharp, which makes having to delay Nathaniel's feeding schedule a lesser issue, and we're supposed to show up two hours in advance (as in, 6am!!!) at Surgical Day Care. So I'll be up before the rooster crows (or Carter, if he ever perfects his impression) and we'll scoop Nathaniel from his slumber, and hopefully, he'll barely stir before having to undergo his surgical prep.

Of course, I'm a little nervous--it is SURGERY, after all--but I've met Dr. Salle and we've had nothing but the best experiences with Sick Kids and I'm convinced our little trooper is in the best possible hands. Soon it'll be over with (we'll likely be home mid-afternoon) and Nathaniel won't remember a thing, but it'll be quite a tale to spin some day when I'm at a loss for words on long car trips(and he'll want to kill me when he's older for even writing this!)...

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