Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mystery Of The Missing Tee-Tee: Case Solved!

Regular readers of this blog will be hard-pressed to remember a photo of Carter without his trusty soother, or "tee tee". Like Linus' security blanket, it's been his essential relaxation tool morning, noon, and especially, night. He's been through several in his short time on this planet--we've been careful to have backup at the ready else risk some very sleepless nights for everyone.

All that changed, in a sudden and surprisingly painless way, during our trip to Pembroke. Somewhere along the trails of Storyland, it vanished, and to everyone's amazement, Carter took it rather well.

Sure, we offered an array of substitutes. None of which passed the test. We tried a few more we had in storage upon our return to Toronto, but again, his refined senses would have none of them. Eventually, he just stopped caring, and he hasn't even asked for it since. The bandolier of pacifiers we have hanging from the powder room doorknob is all but forgotten. I just can't bring myself to get rid of them--yet.

Uploading pics to the blog, I stumbled upon a solution to the mystery. Photos confirmed that Carter had the tee-tee upon entrance to the park, but after we left the first display--a puppet fiddler crooning some vintage Mac Beattie--it was gone. He dropped it there.

Look closely in the pic, and you'll see its final resting place...

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