Saturday, August 21, 2010

Boo At The Zoo

On Grandma and Grandpa's last day, we all headed east to visit aunt Wendy and take in a day at the nearby Bowmanville Zoo, which mom and dad have been itching to visit long before the boyos came along, but never had the opportunity. After lunch and a proper romp through Wendy's spacious digs, we took the short drive through downtown and reached the jam-packed parking lot in mere minutes.

The tour started off well-enough, with some entertaining monkeys, parrots, and yet more farm animals just over the bridge. But from out of nowhere, the sky opened for a relentless downpour just as we reached the lion and tiger pens and Nathaniel awoke from his nap...

So instead, we inspected the exotica at new Wal-Mart that just opened in the area and the boys had a good time riding the shopping carts and snacking at McD's.

Thankfully, the zoo staff granted us a raincheck for another visit, so we'll do it all again this October. By then, Nathaniel will be walking on his own, and the likelihood that they'll sit still in strollers for an extended afternoon is hopeful, at best. Then again, there'll be plenty of staff nearby, experienced in handling wild creatures of every size...

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