Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Pops!

Pops' 46th birthday (good lord) began with a bonus for the man-of-the-hour (a full extra hour of sleep!) and for the boys, too: breakfast and a neighbourhood wagon ride with Grandma and Grandpa...

After a morning session with visiting therapists Kathy and Chris--who gave Nathaniel a glowing assessment--I jaunted down to Union Station to escort visiting Aunt Wendy, cousins Stepheny and Thomas, and Steph's boyfriend Kyle back to our humble abode for a proper celebration, just in time for the boys to promptly collapse into afternoon nap mode. While they slept, those of us who could broke away for a brief shopping adventure along Queen Street West.

When the boys woke, we headed off to The Foggy Dew across the street for a glorious dinner. Even though it was my birthday, the boys commanded the table from their chairs. Not that I minded--the presence of two adorable toddlers keeps people from asking how old you are...

Then, it was off to Stanley Park to burn off those calories and close the curtain on a terrific day. And when the boys turned in, we escorted our visitors back to Union Station and took in some of the sights...<

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