Sunday, September 19, 2010

Carter's Solo Walk

...well, not quite "solo"--Pops was with him, after all. Since I had to make a quick run to nearby Helmutt's Pet Supplies for treats for Minnie and Maggie, why not take the boys along? But with Nathaniel's cold still on-the-mend, it seemed a bit risky to take him outside with Dr. P's clean bill of health, so Carter got to enjoy the rare privilege of a solo outing.

Upset that we weren't heading to the park, his protests were quickly extinguished by the spectacle of Queen Street traffic and the neighbourhood's unique shops.

Carter helped me select the flavours (Salmon and Beef) and did a few dog impressions before we headed back...the long way, of course...

..with a customary stop to inspect the school bus and the Zoom Boom...

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