Friday, November 19, 2010

Flu Shots

In the rather lengthy time I've been on this planet now, I've never once gotten a flu shot. And I'm never sick. But with the boys, why take the risk? Last year found Carter, Nathaniel, and Mom having to line up at designated inocculation clinics when H1N1 was the big scare--thankfully, this year the world has regained its sanity and we were able to get the boys an appointment with Dr. P. The boys managed to find plenty of fun roaming the tiny hallway during the miserably long wait.

The boys weren't terribly happy with the needles--trusty Tempra helps--but before long, we were back home. Now that the boys have been properly prepped for the cold/flu season and Carter's ear problems have cleared up, they're set to return to Shelly's next week. Apparently, people have been asking about when they're coming back...

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