Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ho Ho Ho--Interrupted...

With Carter having recently discovered the concept of "Santa" and "Rudolph" tbanks to a Toys R Us flyer, there's been quite a bit of talk of the Christmas season in our household lately. So we were all psyched to re-introduce the boys to Toronto's annual Santa Clause Parade blockbuster smasheroo, given that they both enjoyed the view from atop Mom and Dad's respective shoulders last year.

It was a chillier day than last time around, so we bundled the boys up in their new NASA-worthy snowsuits (which took about as long as the parade itself) and nifty animal hats (Carter the lion and Nathaniel the monkey) and they were already clamouring to get into the stroller. A typically bitter downtown wind necessitated our employing the plastic cover--we hoped that when we arrived at our spot, there'd be enough shelter from it with all of the extra bodies around.

Dead wrong. It was cold. Miserably so. And the wind seemed to have gotten only stronger, maybe thanks to a clear path from the foot of Yonge at Lake Ontario and straight up to King. The boys were very uncomfortable--Nathaniel hated the blasts of cold air and Carter's teeth were chattering, even with the added insulation.

After a few floats, we packed it up and headed back. Carter got to inspect a police car, identify a polar bear, a "gum pum" (in fact, carrots on the Metro float), a robot, and an elephant (in fact, "Babar") but unfortunately, had to wait to see the Big Man and his red-nosed navigator from the comforts of the kitchen TV.

Next year, we'll have to consider a spot with better coverage from the elements. Or employment with one of the companies with a view overlooking the strip. Anyone hiring?

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