Monday, October 24, 2011

The Gang's All Here!

Well, not quite everyone (Gabriel had left already--and where was Gabby and Alex?)--but I finally made it home for lunch today to find the joint overrun with out-of-control youngsters! Birthday girl Kyla was chasing Maggie, and I finally got a chance to meet little Sean, whose dog "Dewey" Carter goes on and on about. Nathaniel, having visited Dr. P in the AM after an all-night cough, was in good spirits and his cold was almost gone. Carter grabbed my iPhone and started in on renditions of The Beatles' "Hard Day's Night" and "You're Gonna Lose That Girl". As everyone was heading home for naps, I pulled out the Slinky to the amazement of everyone. A new school picture is due soon from Shelly's Drop-In, but it'll be hard to beat this one...

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