Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kyla's VIP Birthday Bash!

The boys' new best friend Kyla was celebrating her 2nd birthday (and sent them an official invitation to confirm the extravaganza)--which had us cavorting with the neighborhood locals in the Party Room for most of Saturday. It didn't take Carter too long to become overcome with zaniness to face-plant himself face first into one of the tables (evidenced by a nasty facial bruise, which has since more-or-less healed up) as the many guests arrived, included the girl-of-the-hour. In honour of our boys' presence, Kyla's mom programmed nothing BUT "Beatles" music (everyone sang along to "Hey Jude"), and offered up an assortment of snacks both healthy-and-otherwise (Carter inhaled cheesies-vs-fruit on an approx. 2-1 ratio). After several hours of adrenaline-surged mania, everyone was tired and it was time to head home for naps. We'll do it all again in two months' time when the boys turn three...

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