Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Imagination Movers Live!

Soon, the theatre went dark and an ominous voice prepped us for the show. Nathaniel got spooked by the noise and it took some time for him to calm down, but Carter was transfixed from the start. Then, the big red carpet opened, and there they were: The Imagination Movers, live and in person!

Well, Carter has been saying for days that when he saw Rich he was going to tell him to sing the new song "Rock O Matic", and when Rich suddenly appeared right behind us, he did! I managed to record the end of their encounter, with Rich laughing at having been given his orders!

We had great seats and everyone came by, including Dave, Scott, and Smitty.

Dave and Scott even stopped to give Nathaniel a high-five and a back-pat, to help calm the little guy down...

Pops hit the merchandise tent and came back with shirts, posters, hats, and glow sticks!

And what's a concert without an encore?

And during the final number, Scott took a photo of the audience and Dave encouraged us to post our photos and videos on the Movers' website, which we will certainly do!

After a little more than an hour, it was time to set up for the next show. Let's do it again, guys!

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