Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's Clobberin' Time!

Whew--from The Beatles to Star Wars to DC, and now Marvel. Hulk was on top for most of the last two weeks, but lately, Carter is all about Ben Grimm, aka, "The Thing" from "Fantastic Four". What is it with all the freaky characters? Well, Dad's a fan too so it was only natural that we would start with the bobble head and move up to a deluxe figure, courtesy of this weekend's stroll to The Snail. I managed to pick up both Hulk and both Fantastic Four films dirt-cheap used, so we've got those to add to the boys' increasingly eclectic film collection. And on Sunday, Carter wore orange, in honour of Ben's orange rocks. Let's hope that when Nathaniel's interests start forming, they're the same as Carter's. Think of the cash I'll save. Not to mention the space. He's already becoming a Beatlemaniac...

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