Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bye To Teacher Sara

A sad day that began merrily enough as I made it to the Drop-In just as the last families were leaving and Carter and Nathaniel were dancing to "I Like To Move It" with friends Kyla and Shaan.  

As Teacher Sarah was tidying up after a long, hot morning, I informed her that the boys would be away for the last week of the school session so our goodbyes would have to be

She instantly teared up, and gave both Carter and Nathaniel a huge hug and goodbye (and nifty "gift bags", welcoming them to the official curriculum), having grown so close to them after only a few short weeks after Shelly resigned.

At this time, Sarah's still not sure if she'll be returning to Garrison Creek or not this fall, as such information, incredibly, probably won't come her way until late August! The boys will be just down the hall at JK this fall, so hopefully, they'll still get the chance to drop in and say "hi" once in awhile...

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