Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fathers Day 2012

Father's Day 2012--my FOURTH, amazingly enough--was just great. It began with the boyos bringing me a card and wonderful gift (a coffee mug that looks like an SLR camera lens)--after that, we headed out to Mississauga for the day where we were able to prop up the trampoline I found in the trash room in Nona's back yard. Of course, we did the usual Wal-Mart thing where I was able to find a DVD of Carter's latest obsession "Bubble Guppies" (he's "Gill") as well as a cheap Blu-Ray of one of my favorite movies "There Will Be Blood" (which I've been waiting to be reduced for about four years now). We were also able to finally score a mini-Hulk, after having spent countless weeks getting duplicates of Spider-Man and Thor from the $1 Marvel Superhero balls. Carter and I partook on a solo walk to the nearby convenience store at the neighourhood strip mall, and after much mayhem the boys were tuckered out and actually napped for a change...I think I might have joined them but if I could remember, I probably didn't...right?

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