Monday, November 5, 2012

Week 10, Day 1, and The God Of Thunder!

Wow, the temperature really dropped for Day One of Week Ten. The boyos' teeth were literally chattering as we endured a surprisingly lengthy romp in the playground before admission to classroom 3...

That night, while en route home, Pops dropped in at the local Winners to inspect winter coats for Carter and Nathaniel when he happened upon a Thor helmet and sword discounted for clearance. Considering that post-Halloween, Carter's allegiance had switched from ol' greenskin The Hulk to the God Of Thunder Thor (his brother's Halloween costume), it was too tempting an bargain to pass up...

After a spirited battle with Loki and the Frost Giants, we retired upstairs. Will "Thor" enjoy the shelf life of "Hulk" or "The Beatles"? Who knows?

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