Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Best Seats In The House

Yesterday, Amanda came by for another physio session with Nathaniel, and was once again amazed at his strength, balance, and energy--so much, that she suggested we get him sitting up in a Bumbo chair as soon as possible! So Lidia picked up two--just because Carter gets to sit out on the bi-weekly exercise regime doesn't mean he's off the hook!

Tonight, the boys were noticeably tired after their day trip, so taking the chairs for a test run was probably all a little too much/too late before they got cranky and let us know it was time for bed (if only I possessed such willpower--here I am up at an ungodly hour when I should know better). But for a moment, the boys looked mighty comfortable--soon enough, they'll be demanding the TV remote and the game controllers...


  1. carter: so nate, now that they've stuck us in these chairs and aren't holding on to us, what kind of trouble do you think we can get into?

    nate: well carter, i haven't completely thought it through but this sure makes it easier for us to plot and plan, don't you think?


  2. Ah--but you've failed to account for my secret weapon. FINGER PUPPETS! Thwarts 'em every time!