Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Road To Recovery

It's been a nerve-wracking 24 hours, but at last there's a happy ending in sight: this morning, Dr. Bainbridge called us back promptly from Dundas West Animal Hospital to tell us that Maggie's lab tests all checked out and her problems were not related to tumours or disease, and in all likelihood she was suffering from irritation of the kidneys or gallbladder. He theorized a kidney stone, but felt all symptoms pointed to a bacterial infection. Now, caused by what, exactly, is anyone's guess. While Maggie's been an indoor cat since she came to us, she could've simply munched on something tracked in on one of our shoes and had a reaction.

Dr. Bainbridge suggested eliminating all worries with an ultrasound, since one was already scheduled for another ailing cat, to rule out any additional perils. A pricey solution, but worth it. And besides, we're covered by Mastercare pet insurance, which I've long been told by countless naysayers is a waste of money. Oh really?

By the time I was home for lunch, Maggie had been cleared of all dangers and Dr. Bainbridge said he would begin a regime of antibiotics. He called back a short time later to inform us that she was finally eating on her own. Wow--if only our medical doctors were as caring and considerate as these vets...

After work, Lidia and I gathered the boys and rushed out to Dundas West Animal Hospital at Dundas and Roncesvalles to pay our girl a quick visit before they closed for the day.

Lidia went in first, and came back out beaming at her good spirits. I was next--and brought in some of her favorite toys at Dr. Bainbridge's suggestion. There are no shortage of Maggie's playthings strewn about the three floors of our house--but we decided that her orange scratch mouse, her weird dual pom-pom thing, and most of all, her well-chewed Barbie pink slipper, would be just the items to remind her of home.

Maggie greeted me with an enthusiastic meow that suggested she'd had enough of this joint. But she was clearly in loving and thorough hands. She was being treated to a diet of kitten food, which was high in fat content and only a temporary measure to make up for lost nutrients.

Around her left paw was a blue sock via which was attached her IV tube, and she tried several times to bite it off and shake it free. She gave me several enthusiastic head butts and even tried to climb me.

Then she went to work on the cupboard doors. Maggie was definitely on the mend and returning to her regular, bratty self.

I fed her some chow and with seven o'clock approaching, gave her a big hug goodbye, and left the clinic feeling better than I had since Sunday (and covered in her cat fur). Hopefully, her toys will make her a little less lonely while she's stuck in a cage for another two days to full recover.

Thursday, she'll be home. Minnie, enjoy the quiet...

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