Saturday, June 6, 2009

28 Pounds Of Trouble!

It seems like forever-ago since we've had a checkup with Dr. P, but this morning, the boys were scheduled to report bright and early for another weigh-in and round of double-shots. After charming everyone in the waiting lounge, the dynamic duo soon found themselves stripped to their Huggies in the middle examination room before Dr. P appeared and in her customary staccato delivery, declared them both an identical 14 pounds (well, just a little less actually) and doing very well indeed. A matching set of pin-pricks from their latest vaccinations didn't exactly go over so well...but by the time they were bundled back up to leave they'd rebooted to their usual merry selves.

Two additional significant developments: Dr. P gave us the go-ahead on slathering on the sunscreen (30+ should do the trick) now that the boys have been enjoying the balmy climes (which in this city, don't last long), and on introducing solid foods into their already ravenous appetites.

We've been dealing with finicky cats for years, so how hard can this be? (he asks optimistically...)

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