Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nanny And The Boys

Carter and Nathaniel were able to spend some time with Nanny at her new lodgings at Heritage Manor, which is located right across the highway from her home.

It’s a recently-constructed retirement residence that offers a posh dining hall, communal sitting and gaming rooms, canopied swings, a courtyard, in addition to private rooms of course (needless to say, Nanny's was adorned top-to-bottom with photos of the boys).

The youngsters' mere presence on the scene provided some unique excitement to staff and other residents, and it was very clear that even though she's adjusting to a radical new lifestyle, Nanny is one very lucky great-grandmother and the envy of her new neighbours. And I can speak from experience that the boys are lucky to have her, too, and their meeting was long-overdue, and the first of many...

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