Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The best blanky in the world...

A few months ago I read about this neat little Down Syndrome awareness raising effort called the T21 Travelling Afghan Project, courtesy of fellow bloggers the Sanchez family (you can check out their story at Three's A Charm, here http://trisacharm.blogspot.com/). I can't sum up its purpose any more than the idea's originator, Chandos "CJ" Field, who knitted the afghan (she has an adopted daughter with Down Syndrome, Emma):

"The handmade blanket is traveling from one family to another who has a family member with Down Syndrome. The family member can be of any age, from birth through the senior years. The family can also be located anywhere on the globe. The afghan will travel from one family to another, along with a journal.Each family, upon receiving the afghan, takes a picture of their family member with it and we post it on on this blog under the Label "T21 Travelling Afghan". After having the afghan for bit, the family writes a note in the journal and sends it off to the next family, whose address I will email to them."

We received the Afghan from the Leonard family in Fort Erie, Ontario, on Friday. The boys love blankets - they love playing peek-a-boo and hiding under them, and the T21 Afghan was no exception! Here's Nathaniel having fun:

Not to be outdone, twin bro Carter also had his turn, cuddling up with the Afghan as if it were really his own:

Alas, we'll have to say goodbye at the end of the week and pass this fun little gift on to the next family... but not before posting some more pics and video!!!

If you want more information on the T21 Travelling Afghan and related projects, click on this link: http://www.thet21travelingafghanproject.com/

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