Tuesday, June 8, 2010

June Vacation 2010: Day 1

The exhausting six-hour drive to The Ottawa Valley went (predictably) smoothly thanks to a Tuesday departure, light traffic, glorious weather, plenty of well-timed stops along the way, and most of all, our boys' easy temperaments.

After an early fuel-up at Belleville's A&W (the staff were as accommodating to us as they were last year, no doubt charmed by the boys' messy mouthfuls), we encountered only a few delays along the way due to some (welcome) road renovations and somehow managed to avoid the speed traps this time around (here's a hint: don't speed).

As Nathaniel mostly slept and Carter idled away the hours with medleys of his favorite songs and animal impressions, Mom and Dad tinkered with their fancy new iPods and enjoyed the largely barrens roads.

Just as the boys were starting to get restless and cranky, we were coming up on the Irving Big Stop and minutes later pulling into the drive-way for a long overdue return to their poppa's home turf, almost one-year to the day of their first visit. It would a much different adventure for everyone involved this time around...(to be continued)

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