Saturday, June 19, 2010

Maggie's Clean Bill Of Health

While the boys enjoyed brunch at The Foggy Dew with Mom and her friends Jackie, Robin, and Rowena, I packed up Maggie in the pet carrier and endured the expected long wait at Queen West Animal Hospital for her annual checkup. She missed last year's appointment, but because she's gotten sick last May, she'd been subjected to more tests and lab work than usual, so what was the point? The new docs hadn't met our prize tortie before and found her adorable (who wouldn't?), and characteristically cooperative and mild-mannered amidst a weigh-in, a dental inspection, rabies shots, and a blood sample (the lab work results proved to be perfect.

Her sister hissed at her for the remainder of the day (that "vet clinic" smell lingers for a few hours), but Maggie will have the chance to return the treatment when Minnie's due for her tune-up in the fall...

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