Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Growing Boy--Feet First!

Yesterday afternoon, Carter experienced more discomfort, which we assumed was a replay of his foot problem from just a few weeks back. Once again, removing his shoes seemed to cure his woes, so we arranged a followup appointment with Dr. P to make sure he didn't get struck with another infection.

Arriving bright and early after 8am, Carter was in fine form--although I couldn't get him to say "Dr. Pappa" (which he uttered about a half-dozen times in the ride over) in the doctor's actual presence. The good news was that his toes were fine--other than some minimal redness--but it was clear that his feet had already outgrown his five-and-a-half-size footwear. An easy solution, right?

Almost. Later in the morning, while at Shelly's Drop-In, Carter started crying again, so Karen removed his shoes and he was fine. Could size six be too small as well?

So Mom picked up new shoes for Carter and as of this evening's bed time, size six-and-a-half seems to be comfortable.

We've come a long way from the slip-on Robeez...

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