Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thanks, Amanda

Incredibly, this morning marked Amanda Lee's final visit as Nathaniel's occupational therapist.

Amanda, who first visited us in April of 2009 when Nathaniel was just four wriggly months old, came to us through COTA Health and supervised and evaluated his gross motor skills development --prescribing exercises and games and leaving us no shortage of challenging puzzles and toys that provided the boys with constant stimulation. She was always honest and encouraging, and genuinely excited when Nathaniel surpassed every benchmark.

The truth is, we probably didn't work at the routines nearly as hard as she probably thought we did--Nathaniel was so motivated on his own, and her suggestions so perfect and thorough, that our part largely consisted of sitting back and marveling at his monthly progress.

He's come so far and now that he's walking like a pro, it's become time for Amanda to close his file, and sadly, cease her biweekly visits.

We'll be seeing her here and there I'm sure, given that she lives only minutes away (right across from my workplace, in fact) and isn't easy to miss with her very cute pug pup always in tow.

There can be little argument that Amanda has been one of the most important participants in the early chapters of Nathaniel's life, and her influence will be evident for years to come...

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