Saturday, December 4, 2010

Second Birthday Bash: Part 1

The boys' second birthday bash wasn't quite the formal blow-out we'd co-hosted last year--instead, we opted to keep the event intimate and free-form. Of course, Pops got called into work for a weekend rehearsal at the new studio--I saw that coming ages ago--but I was able to duck out just in time to meet up with Aunt Wendy and her gang and get everyone back to the homestead for a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday" and a very cool Pixar/"Cars" cake.

Also joining us for the fun was Nona, auntie Jackie, and visiting friends Mario, Bridgette, and Dylan (Natasha's away at school).

Everyone was so generous with gifts and cards--the boys really just loved having all the attention, but the clothes, toys, and cash will be put to good use for everyone's favorite dynamic duo.

Aunt Wendy, Stephanie, Kyle, and Thomas stayed a bit later, and were witness to a true birthday miracle: a Toronto taxi cab that was actually able to locate our address!

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