Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dancing With Himself

Carter has taken quite a strange interest in my iPod boxes--which I took out of storage to look for a TV connector--so much that he spent the better part of Saturday stacking them up and talking to them, singing them songs, etc. Well, imagine my surprise when he suddenly burst into an impromptu-dance-routine, and began to shout song lyrics. One set I was able to make out was "dancing by myself!" which, of course, the title of a huge Billy Idol/Generation X song from my glory days in the early 80s.

When I tracked it down on YouTube (it has everything, after all), he recognized it instantly and started bopping around the kitchen. Apparently, Gabby's birthday party the previous day consisted of a lot of 80s hits, so likely, he heard it there. Still, the fact that he picked it up after one viewing is amazing--I've heard The Rolling Stone's "Brown Sugar" probably a thousand times since I was a kid and still can't tell you the opening verses...

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