Sunday, February 6, 2011

New "Movers" CD

I was just about to order "In A Big Warehouse" online when I decided to take another peek at the music section of the Mississauga Wal-Mart (where previously we'd come up empty) and behold! there was a single copy buried amongst kiddie fare.

Even though it was released last September on the world-wide Disney label, the newest CD from the boys' favorites "The Imagination Movers" couldn't be found on local shelves for months, and believe me, I looked everywhere (and should've kept a photo file of blank-faced clerks who had no idea what I was talking about).
The boys are slowly warming up to it--the songs are from the current season of the series and they haven't quite warmed up to them yet, but I'm sure, soon, Carter will be belting out "Luck Of The Irish" and Nina's Hawaiian song.

I've also signed them up for the Movers' official fan club, and an autographed poster is on the way...

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