Sunday, February 13, 2011

Highly Illogical

It might seem to the outside observor that I'm forcing my many interests/obessions onto my boys, but it's amazing what they pick up on and what they don't. Carter favours The Beatles early period, rather than my preferred later efforts, and "Where The Wild Things Are" is a complete bust, despite the presence of the stuffed monster dolls and the art hanging on their bedroom wall. But Nathaniel sure is interested in my "Mr. Bacon", is getting better at pronouncing "Superman" (who hangs over his bed), and has developed an enchantment with my Mr. Spock talking figure, which I picked up at Burger King toy nearly three years ago. All he does is stand there and utter "Your rescue attempt would be highly--illogical", but Nathaniel finds him hilarious. Let's hope he never learns the Vulcan nerve pinch...

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