Saturday, August 27, 2011

Comic Con Weekend: Pt 1

Nothing announces the end-of-summer like the triple whammy of The Ex, The Toronto International Film Festival, and in between, Fan Expo--Pops' annual blow-out to join "his people' in all things comics books, horror, and sci-fi. The boys are still a little too young to attend but given the improved use of space and crowd control this year, maybe they'll be due for their first con next summer (for comparison, I attended my first at 16). Carter's already belting out the themes to "Star Wars" and "Superman", so he's more than ready. Until then, I donned the wristband again for another few days of navigating costumed oddities at The Metro Convention Centre and met up with old friends Mark and Colin to enjoy Q&As with the likes of William Shatner and Lee Majors...

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