Monday, August 8, 2011

Return To Dr. Pappa

It seems ages ago since we last visited Dr. P--this morning, we were seen almost immediately for the usual weigh-in and inspection. Carter crooned obscure Beatles classics for those in the waiting room (less than capacity--a rare sight indeed) and he and his brother enjoyed exploring the nuances of Dr. P's medical equipment. Nathaniel didn't care much for the check-up, having just endured much poking and prodding at Surrey Place last week, but soon it was all over. Back in three months! And can you believe Carter outweighs Nathaniel at 30 pounds (his brother is just a bit less). We were back home just in time for Karren's arrival. Pops had his own medical checkup in the afternoon, where those in the waiting room were far less impressed by his Beatles renditions...

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