Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nathaniel's Perfect Hearing Test

The headline says it all: today, Nathaniel was scheduled for a follow-up hearing test with Jill and for the first time scored el-perfect-o on the ol' sonic scale! Obviously, last month's operation was a success in more ways than one--Nathaniel's not only attempting more words but while in the waiting room spared no effort into greeting strangers and exploring every available nook-and-cranny at Surrey. Then, it was time for a quick inspection of the tubes with Dr. Smitheringale, who couldn't have been happier with the state of things (Nathaniel even serenaded the good doctor with the chorus of "Hey Jude"--what more proof could she possibly need?)! Then, it was back home through miserable mid-town traffic for a well-earned nap (Nathaniel, that is--Daddy had to slog it back to work). We'll do it all again in six months...

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