Saturday, May 12, 2012

Beatles Are Back

I sort of suspected that eventually, The Fab Four would be on top again--Carter tends to put things away for a long time and then revisit them with a passion. In the past few weeks, he's been requesting the DVDs of "Help!" and "A Hard Day's Night" again, has been seeking out old clips on YouTube, and has been playing with the figures in "The Beatles Box". This week, he memorized "If I Fell" from "A Hard Day's Night" and today, launched into a perfect "Tell Me Why" from the same film with an impressive attempt to play it on the guitar (the select preview audience consisted of me, The Hulk, The Thing, and the monster from "20 Million Miles To Earth"). And if that's not enough--he's added The Imagination Movers' "Rock-O-Matic" to it, which works better than you'd think, making it his first medley at the ripe old age of 3! Even better--Nathaniel knows a lot of the songs, too, specifically "Ticket To Ride", "Hide Your Love Away", and "Hey Jude". Clips to come...stay tuned...

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