Thursday, May 10, 2012

Infrequent Flyer

Mom had the rare adventure to fly to Vancouver for two days on business--a five-hour flight to travel three hours back in time!--so it was Pops and Karren to keep the Dynamic Duo in check. Well, mostly Karren, who was an enormous help as Pops made the mistake of taking on a "quick" storyboard assignment that developed into the standard week-long, no-sleep nightmare.

While Dad toiled over his new drafting table downstairs, Karren and the boys hit all their favorite haunts: Sarah's, Dagny's, the park, Loblaws, and Dylan's for a "Star Wars" party.

Pops took Thursday off from work to work on the assignment--so it wasn't much of a holiday--but he did step into the light here and there for a look at the drop-in, a jaunt around the park, and dinner at Bamboo Buddha.

Meanwhile, Mom sent pics of her too-brief trip, which at least had in some posh digs with a view...

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