Saturday, May 12, 2012

Table For Four...

What better way to celebrate Mom's return, Pops' almost-complete storyboard gig, and a pair of long-overdue, super-cute new haircuts than to dine in style at the ever-reliable Foggy Dew? Our favorite table was awaiting, offering a confined space to keep the boys in line...well, up to a certain point.
Bored with entertaining the patio guests, scribbling on the nearest horizontal surface, and bothering his brother, Carter bolted into the main dining room to charm the staff while dancing to The Rolling Stones' greatest hits, which was our cue to ask for the cheque.
The nearby festival was wrapping up at the church, but I got there just in time to score a bag of primo cotton candy while the boys (who didn't nap today) struggled to keep their eyes open. Can't say that Carter exactly earned the privilege with his meager meal-picking, but his renewed interest in The Beatles and the afternoon's excellent rendition of "If I Fell", "Tell Me Why", and "Help!" scored him some forgiveness points...(and he knows it, too)

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