Monday, June 9, 2008

Babies' First Concert: REM

We had to speed back to the city from Pembroke today, in order to make it in time to catch Athens, GA's favorite sons, R.E.M., live in concert to promote their "return-to-form" album, "Accelerate". Best of all, Modest Mouse opened (along with a fine young band named "The National") and brought along its newest member, the legendary Johnny Marr of "The Smiths", on guitar. It was our first time back at the Molson Amphitheatre since the Weezer/Pixies double bill in 2005.
The show kicked off with a barnstorming "These Days" from "Life's Rich Pageant", which was somehow appropriate, considering it was almost 22 years ago that I saw the band at Massey Hall to promote that then-new album (their fourth) for the modest sum of $14 (which was a lot of cash to a starving York University Fine Arts major at the time).

Despite a typically (for Toronto, this summer) relentless downpour, we were under the roof so we stayed dry (and an atypically sedate crowd for the Amphitheatre--no flying beer cups) and were later afforded a view of a splendid rainbow that was one of the most vibrant we've seen since our trip back from The Highlights Tour in Costa Rica back in 2006.

I wonder if the youngsters--now just forming (and according to Lidia, about the size of her lipstick tube)--will retain any memories of Mike Mills' throbbing baselines or the audience sing-a-long to the encore of "The One I Love"? There are worse things in this world if we'd end up having to play anything from "Automatic For The People" to sooth the infants to sleep...

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