Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"Can't Get There From Here" (Continuing the REM theme...)

Today we were supposed to meet up for our first appointment at the Lawrence And Frances Bloomberg Department Of Obstetrics And Gynecology (or, the "LAFBDOOAG" to the kids) in the Ontario Power Generation Building at Mt. Sinai Hospital. Got that? The marble-mouthed address should have been an omen of the ordeal it was going to take me to get there. Rather than hail a cab like any sensible human being would in downtown Toronto on a weekday afternoon, I decided to entrust my journey to "the better way" (thanks to Nilesh's Metropass) and of course, the TTC screwed me, true to form. Figuring I'd get to the intersection of University and College early enough to grab something at Tim's or from the street vendors, I left about 50 minutes before the appointment from my workplace at King/Bathurst, trusty Jazz HD cam and iPod in tow.

One HOUR later, I arrived at the clinic. It took fifteen minutes for a streetcar to come, almost as long to travel a straight line to the St. Andrew subway station, and about as long again for a train to arrive and lurch along the northbound line to the Queens' Park subway station. Breathless and in a panic, I finally met up with Lidia in the waiting room on the third floor, only to find out that the ultrasound appointment wouldn't happen until 3:30 PM, almost two hours later than we were told. Of course, I had to get back to work--there's no way I could disappear for more than three hours and not be missed, and left heartbroken that I had to miss this latest chance--only our third--to see the babies again.
I'll spare everyone a rant about the TTC--everyone knows it's a woefully inefficient, corrupt, and contemptible organization that just plain sucks on the best of days. What in the name of hell was I thinking? I've lived here almost 25 years now--I must've been punch-drunk on all this newfound sunshine, and won't make that mistake again.
(For what it's worth: I walked back to work from Mt. Sinai. Total travel time: 25 minutes, including a stop for a spicy Italian sausage...)

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