Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Peas In A Pod: Week 11

And here they are: Baby "A" and Baby "B", who really know how to work the lens at any resolution. Always one with the film references, I can't help but think they're starting to look like little star children from "2001"--think of what they could tell us! Lidia said that "B" is revealing him/her self to be the bratty one--restless and wiggling about, while "A" slept soundly (ultra-soundly? Rimshot!) Something tells me we'd better start getting our rest now...


  1. i'm prepared to state my vote off of these photos for the early pool. girl and girl.

    sorry that you had to miss the appointment robert. i am with you, the ttc completely sucks. they are never reliable especially when it comes to important meetings.

  2. Ah, so there's a pool is there? A girl and girl you say? Interesting--while I'm not fatalistic or a believer in anything supernatural or precognative (that being said, I'm a major fan of horror films and fiction), I will admit that I'm getting a distinctive "feminine" vibe from the whole experience so far. I chalked it up to the fact that we've always had female cats, so I'm used to speaking in terms of "my girls" etc., but you never know...